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If Charged, Gov Parson Will ‘Likely’ Pardon Couple Who Defended Home With Guns

Mark and Patty McCloskey, in the wake of weeks of turmoil following their decision to guard their upscale St. Louis home from an approaching group of BLM protesters with legally-owned firearms, received some presumably welcoming news about their fate.

According to Fox2Now, Missouri Gov. Mike Parson told a local St. Louis radio host that he would “likely” pardon the McCloskey’s if Democratic Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner successfully charges them with any crimes related to brandishing their firearms.

On Saturday, Parson also Tweeted his support for the couple.

“We will not allow law-abiding citizens to be targeted for exercising their constitutional rights,” the governor wrote.

Under the direction of Gardner, the McCloskey’s have had to deal with a search of their property from a search warrant, which included the seizure of some of their guns — a move many have decried as unconstitutional, especially given the fact that the couple never even discharged the firearms during the intense encounter.

Mark McCloskey, an attorney, has remained steadfast in his decision to arm him and his wife, Patty, as the approaching mob of hundreds of protesters gathered near their property, fearing that his home would be burned to the ground and/or that he and his wife could have been assaulted.

The couple have received backing not only from the governor himself, but also GOP Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley, who has requested U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr launch a civil rights violation investigation into Gardner for the actions she’s taken against the couple.

The McCloskey’s were even backed by President Donald Trump himself, during a recent interview at the White House in which the president insisted that the couple were fully within their rights to defend their property from potential destruction and themselves from bodily harm.

Parson didn’t elaborate on the details of a potential pardon, but the fact that he even mentioned the possibility is a huge win and a legal safety blanket for the McCloskeys, whose legal future is still in question.

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