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Trump Drops F-Bomb On Radio In Threat To Iran: “If You F*** Around With Us” We’ll Retaliate

President Donald Trump, during a call-in interview on the Rush Limbaugh radio show, made crystal clear that the United States is not going to tolerate any shenanigans from Iran, saying that if the country decides to “f**k around with us,” the United States will retaliate.

You can listen to the President’s call in the video clip below.

Trump has always held a strong position with regard to how he will not tolerate any baloney from Iran. Though the Middle Eastern country has been largely quiet over the past year with regard to stirring the proverbial pot with the United States, Trump’s warning should serve as a strong reminder that they should refrain from trying anything as long as he’s in office.

As expected, those in the liberal mainstream media and other anti-Trumpers have already reacted negatively to Trump’s F-bomb, calling the president a “potty mouth” or a “uncivil.”

I have a pretty strong feeling that Trump isn’t greatly concerned with what his critics have to say about it.


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With nearly a decade of experience in online news publishing, Ryan focuses on covering U.S. politics, breaking news events and world news. When he's not writing about the latest happenings, you can usually find him outdoors manning the BBQ pit.

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